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What We Do

Notre Histoire

La Renaissance Française – USA, the American Delegation of La Renaissance Française, founded in Paris in 1916, aims to recognize persons who have raised awareness of the French language and francophone cultures among people living in the United States. The American Delegation will act at all times in harmony with the policies of La Renaissance Française.

President Raymond Poincaré.jpg

President Raymond Poincaré,  

Founder of La Renaissance Française


Our Mission

In recent years, La Renaissance Française has broadened its mission to include the promotion of French culture generally, as a cradle of humanism and respect for all beliefs and nationalities.


In the 1980s the organization extended its reach to include all French-speaking countries. Accordingly, delegations were formed in countries recognizing French as an official language such as Switzerland and Belgium, along with Argentina, Canada and Romania.

La Renaissance Française continues to establish and encourage delegations worldwide, including the United States, and has formed, or is in the process of forming, delegations in China, Italy, Lebanon, Madagascar, Morocco and Russia.


The Residence of France in the United States

The Residence of France in the United States, Washington, DC The beautiful Tudor Revival mansion, built in 1910, has been the official residence of the French Ambassador since 1936.

On October 9, 2009, the United States Delegation of La Renaissance Française held its first official meeting at La Maison Française at New York University, courtesy of Professor Tom Bishop. La Renaissance Française – USA continues its cooperative tradition of Americans selecting honorees in the United States to be considered for awards by La Renaissance Française in Paris.


We express our appreciation to Antoine Guerrier de Dumast, past president of La Renaissance Française, at whose initiative the Delegation in the United States was founded.

Who Are We?

The American Delegation consists of members across the United States of America. Our members are from all parts of the country, and each bring a unique story to the table when it comes to their relationship with the French culture. Some members are native speakers, others are educators, and some are lifelong students; but we all have one thing in common: we love the French culture.

More About La Renaissance Française

Check out this short 5 minute French video on the history of la Renaissance Française International which has many current events throughout the world including USA.

Our Grants

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Congressional French Caucus

The French Caucus is a bipartisan, bicameral congressional member organization, dedicated to enhanced USFrench relations in the spirit of partnership and cooperation. Since its inception in 2003 under the leadership of the Honorable Amory Houghton, the Caucus has fostered dialogue and multicultural understanding around both policy debates and cultural events that contextualize the depth and dynamic nature of French-American relations.

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