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Elizabeth Rohatyn, Médaille d’Or de La Renaissance Française

Elizabeth Rohatyn, committed to a public service career that spans more than half a century, has been central to the cultural, educational and philanthropic life of New York City, where her vision and leadership have helped transform public education, redefine the role of public libraries in our communities and set new standards for American cultural diplomacy.

Recognizing the great potential of technology in education, Mrs. Rohatyn founded Teaching Matters, Inc., in 1996, and is currently its Chair Emeritus. Teaching Matters is a nonprofit organization that works in New York schools to improve the use of technology in the classroom and train teachers to create and implement web-based curricula.

Mrs. Rohatyn also is Chair Emeritus of the New York Public Library, which she served for many years, including as chair of its board. When her husband, Felix Rohatyn, was U.S. Ambassador to France, Mrs. Rohatyn founded the French Regional & American Museum Exchange (FRAME), a coalition of 26 French and North American art museums that sponsors exhibitions, education programs and exchange projects. An international model of cultural diplomacy, FRAME has touched millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic.

In New York City, Mrs. Rohatyn also has served as Vice Chair of public television station WNET 13, and on the boards of New Visions for Public Schools, the Fund for Public Education and Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. She also has served on the New York Governor’s Commission on Education and on the Dean’s Council of Harvard University’s School of Education. In 2007, the French government promoted her to the rank of Officier de la Légion d’Honneur.


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