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Adam A. Steg, Médaille d’Or du Mérite Francophone

Adam Steg was born and raised in New Orleans, with artist/ educator parents. As a child. he lived in Europe and Mexico and studied in New York, Strasbourg and Paris.

Working as audiovisual attaché since 1979, he has endeavored to use new technologies to celebrate the cultures of Louisiana and the francophone world. His popular internet service and his workshops train teachers and students how to access websites offering thousands of authentic documents available free or at low cost.

Remarkably generous with his time and expertise, since 1979 Mr. Steg has responded to requests to present at meetings of all kinds or simply to help a colleague (in any city) solve a technical problem. Maintaining a long-term commitment to education in the field of technology and media, Mr. Steg has become the reliable source for supporting the appreciation of French language and cultures through media and technology in the United States.

His honors include being decorated as Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the French Ministry of Education, and being named lifetime member of the American Association of Teachers of French.


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